Oleh: davidamanik | Juni 7, 2010

My Dreams (baca:Impianku)

As many people have dreams, so do I. But, different with me, many people have their dreams and try to realize it when they are still a child, I have so many dreams when I’m getting older like now and trying to realize those all right now. Many times I failed. But I think it’s just because I’m still young. From my failures, I learn everything I need to get my dreams. Maybe I’m failed right now, but like Thomas Alva Edison words, I’m not failed, I’m just found the ways to make the lamp turn off. So do I.

So, what kind of dreams I have? Maybe I can explain a little about those all. Indonesia has so much potential to be great. But, until now, we can see this country is still has a mediocre life. Nothing we can do. We just like same as the other country which is not has much potential in it. Even the other country, which doesn’t have much potential in it, can be a strong country. Just take one country as a sample, Singapore. Singapore doesn’t have any nature quality like Indonesia. But, just see, their condition right now. It’s far different than us, Indonesia. Maybe we have known why it’s happened. Yes, that’s just because of the different human quality we have than theirs.

Talking about human quality, one of the things that make it good is the education systems and the school. We often hear the argument of many education experts or masters or professors that we have a bad system of education. That’s my dream about. I have a dream that I have contribution, of course good one, to my country’s education. My step to it, is not excessive. I want to start it from a simple one, make a school.

Like we know, school in Indonesia is expensive. In the other side, like my writing before, our system of education is not good enough – according to the experts’ words. Well, if we know the condition like that, why not we just start to give a solution from a little thing we can do. I want to make a free of charge schools. Well, at least, a cheap school. When you read this, maybe you think that I’m crazy. Yeah, maybe you’ll ask me : what about the cost to make the school, how to give your teachers their salaries, etc. But it’s okay. I need all those questions. My first idea is to share this “heart” to another people, start from my friends off course. Through this way, I hope that all people who has desire like me in our education,  wants to join with me to solve this problems. Then, together, we can do the next step like make plans, make the system, etc. So, because the start is from the hearts, I think it’s not difficult to do everything. Because all of the members want it.

The school I want to make is from the lowest level to the highest level. Wow, you must be think that I become more and more crazy. But, that’s it. I don’t want the school I make, is just reach the lowest level. Because I want many people can enjoy it. But of course, I want to make it logical. Just start from the Kindergarden first. Then, if we have a strength enough, we start an Elementary School, then Junior High School till reach the University level. So, although it starts from little things, but has a progress every time.

Then, how about the money. Maybe it the next question in our minds. Well, same as like before, from the people who join me, because we have a one heart, I think it’s not difficult to start the fund with our money. Then, we can invite other people, who has “heart” like us but maybe can’t join in action, to invest their money to this project. Moreover, my second dream is to be an entrepreneur. The goal, is also same, that the funds from my business, can be made to this project. And so my friends. And I believe, when I do this, God will also bless me and my team. So, we can change Indonesia better, start from a little things, start from our dreams. GOD Bless us.

By : David Kristian Damanik


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